Planning and Implementation of the ERP System with Odoo

Introduction as the function and what has to be considered?

When you plan to implement Odoo, you have the advantage that you have a modular business software, which is an all-in-one solution and covers all business areas. The modular design also allows the software to grow with your business. Nevertheless, you should choose a methodical approach so that everything works smoothly. Here are the most important steps.

Requirements record. You should prepare an appropriate requirement analysis beforehand to determine which functions and properties are necessary for mapping your core business. It is advisable to start with the necessary main modules and, if necessary, expand them later. The temptation to activate all possibilities can be a hindrance for the introduction. We call this: the principle of large stones.

Standard or specific adjustment? It is generally advisable to stay as close as possible to the standard. This keeps the cost of implementing low and facilitates addition to the maintenance and future updates of the software. If your requirements based on business practice are very specific, an adaption is quite possible with Odoo, but should be useful and in moderation so as not to complicate later problems or the interaction with other components.

Maybe there are already the right modules for your needs - here you can find an overview of our programmed Odoo-Apps.

Planning the introduction. In an ERP system, all the processes of your business converge and reflect your business success. Accordingly, good planning and implementation is also important. Do not take too little time for the introduction and consider a sufficient test phase. It is also important to involve the key users of your company in planning and implementation.

Connection with systems. Does your ERP system / Odoo need to communicate with other systems? If documents are to be used in a connected system such as, for example, Alfresco, or customer and order data are transferred from a
webshop ? Are corresponding contact points and function tests to be considered in the planning? In the beginning you can plan these factors already, later it is illustrated and is usually not integrated as well.

Hosting or run it by yourself? In general, it is possible to operate the system in-house without any problems, provided that appropriate technology and know-how are available in the company. In addition to the knowledge and the availability of appropriate systems, back-ups and also maintenance must be taken into account. Depending on your options
hosting is a good alternative. But beware! Data security is currently playing in an ERP system an important role. In Germany, the security of data still enjoys a high priority. Therefore, make sure where your systems are hosted. Here, hosting in Germany is clearly recommended!

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Financial support for ERP implementation!

The introduction of an ERP system forms the basis for structuring and optimizing processes in the company. In addition, you receive the necessary key figures to make decisions based on sound information. As part of the support program for the digitization of companies, the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs supports companies financially in the introduction of business software. We inform you about the possibilities for funding your company.


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